Orange Peel Brand Appeal

Walk past a Jamba Juice, and your sense of smell will be excited by the energizing scent of citrus wafting out the front door. Peer into the store, and your eyes see a clean, white tableau of subway tiles punctuated by bright, tropical colors. Walk in, and you catch the sound of frozen fruit whirring in the blenders and cheerful servers making conversation with customers. You can’t wait to get your hands on one of the myriad of smoothies the menu offers and taste the sweet, ice-cold, fruity richness they promise, because you feel they are much more than a treat—they are a testament to your commitment to good health.

None of this happens by mistake. It’s a perfectly choreographed play to appeal to each of your five senses, and in general it works like a charm. We’re only human, after all, which is why the Power of Five is one of the most powerful brand multipliers, especially in survival staples such as food, clothing, and shelter. But the Power of Five extends into every category.